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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Finally, something to write about - Day 1455 (Year 4, Day 359)

Augusta, GA

I corrected the date in the heading (this is a very useful tool:

This past weekend, we took a mini trip to Raleigh to spend with Jess and Griffin (left on Friday and returned on Monday; about a 5-1/2 hr drive each way -- 300 miles).  The main goal was that Jess wanted to take me shopping for a special dress to wear in November when we go to Jamaica to renew our vows (we did find something very beautiful and appropriate for the beach -- you'll have to wait until November to see it though!).  It was also Father's Day, but Mitch spent the day with Griffin doing fun things while me and Jess were out shopping. 

We also went to our favorite "home away from home" synagogue in Cary on Saturday.  As it turns out, they had a special guest speaker that weekend.  We weren't able to attend all of the events, but were fortunate to hear him speak then.  What an interesting and engaging speaker & storyteller (from South Africa).

Last night (Tuesday), we went to the circus!  It was a 3 ring circus by Loomis Brothers.  It was interesting, but although it had 3 rings, was quite small compared to the Big Apple Circus with only 1 ring.  It seemed to be a family run, somewhat local troupe.  I did find it different, watching the circus through the eyes of an adult who is not accompanied by children.  A lot less magical I suppose.

This week the temperatures are brutal, with the air temp at 98 degrees and heat index of 107!  I'm very grateful the a/c is working but feel bad for all those folks (Mitch included) to have to be outside working all day in this.

And just a note for myself, in case I need to do a search in the future -- we have an RV tech coming later to help troubleshoot the refrigerator.  It's been running a bit on the high side (normal is between 36-38, it's been anywhere between 43 and 57).  It's a different system than a residential one (ammonia based) and there are fans outside that's supposed to circulate the air, which were not working.  We had the thermostat replaced 2 weeks ago but that didn't help.  Mitch temporarily installed some computer fans until we could get a different tech out here, who will be here (hopefully) later today.  Thankfully, the food is still keeping cold.

On a last note, I'm on a total liquid diet today in preparation for a colonoscopy tomorrow. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Mini anniversary - Day 1455 (Year 4, Day 361)

Augusta, GA

It looks like somewhere along the lines I screwed up the math again, as day 365 should be on June 25th which is still about 2 weeks away.  I confess I'm way too lazy to go back all year to find the error so I'll just leave it alone for now and will start fresh on the 26th.

In any event, June 5th, 2014 was the day we officially left the driveway in Fanwood, NJ for the very last time and headed towards FL to pick up our new home.  There were quite a lot of delays in selling the house (which was supposed to close on June 5th which is why we left that day -- lawyer told us she could take care of everything; we didn't need to be there in person).  Long story short (or you can go back to the very beginning of this blog to read all about it), the house closed on June 23rd, and the funds cleared the bank so we could make the purchase official on June 25th, which is the day we've decided to call our "RVersary."

Still, it's hard to believe we just completed 4 years on the road and are starting our fifth.  I'll try to post reflections on the real date.

Otherwise, nothing eventful going on here.  We met some fellow RV'ers ("Fox" and Cheryl) who I know from various online groups we both belong to; coincidentally they landed in our campground as they have family in the area.  We've also been going to synagogue every week and have made a few friends.  In fact, we're invited tonight to Bill & Judy's home for Shabbat dinner.  Looking forward to it.

Garden update:  1 have 1 nice pepper growing and 2 more starting.  More tomatoes than I can count, but still all green.  Zucchini plant didn't fare well at all; it's dead.  Got some kind of fungus.  I'd like to use the planter to plant some herbs instead (thinking of cilantro, parsley and dill, or maybe chocolate mint instead of parsley).  We'll see.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Progress of the "garden" - Day 1440 (Year 4, Day 346)

Augusta, GA

On April 24th (exactly 1 month ago), we planted a "garden" (  I'm pleased to report it's doing quite well:

The entire garden:

Zucchini flowering:

Peppers flowering:

Cherry tomatoes growing:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rain rain go away - Day 1439 (Year 4, Day 345)

Augusta, GA

You may recall that as of my last posting on May 14th, the last rain prior to that date was on April 23rd.  Well, on May 15th the rain started and we haven't had one day since then when it hasn't rained!  And the forecast is expected to hold at least through the next week.  Fortunately, it's not an all day steady rain but rather lots of scattered showers and thunderstorms, with a little bit of sunshine (or at least clearing) mixed in. 

One good thing is that I was treated to a beautiful rainbow yesterday (I didn't feel like going out in the rain to take a photo though).

One bad thing about this is that the fire ant mounds pop up in the hundreds after the rain, so as many as I've been able to destroy, twice as many new ones form (I guess that confirms what the campground owner said when I questioned why he didn't do something about it: he said it was too expensive and way too inefficient as it doesn't help anyway.  It's bad enough trying to keep my own site clear, but I guess I can imagine what it would be like to try to maintain the entire campground of over 60 sites.

Picture of the day from Mitch.  I'm sure some of you will just shrug and wonder what the big deal is.  But being that we are from the North and keep kosher, this was a big "ewww":

Monday, May 14, 2018

Today's events - Day 1430 (Year 4, Day 336)

Augusta, GA

I saw 3 different kinds of birds today: 1 completely red, 1 completely rust with black stripes on its wings, and another that was brown and white.  I never saw those before but I had a lot of difficulty trying to identify them as they went away before I had a chance to really study them.  I think the red one was most likely a northern cardinal (in the south??) and no clue about the others.  Can't even find their photos in my Peterson's Guide.  Oh well, perhaps they'll return.

I got a wonderful Mother's Day gift from my daughter.  She cross-stitched it herself:

Of course, I'm not sure if I should put the emphasis on the first part of the sentence or the last!!! 😀

On a more sour note, Mitch came home with his arm covered in teeny, tiny white thorns.  He didn't feel them attack him (even though they went thru his shirt), but it started bothering him later in the day.  No clue where they came from.  I got about 50 out with tweezers, but there are still a few microscopic ones left in his skin.  He has a follow up appt. with a doctor on Wed. so if it's not better or gets worse, we'll see what can be done.  Hopefully they'll fall out on their own.

Still very hot, and rain expected tomorrow and probably Wed. as well so I expect Mitch to be rained out and home.  We shall see...

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tiny Update - Day 1429 (Year 4, Day 335)

Augusta, GA

Wow, 10 days since I've posted.  You know that means only one thing:  nothing!!!  Life has been extremely uneventful, which could be a good thing -- no crises, nothing breaking down.  Then again, nothing really exciting to do or report on either.

The last 2 weeks at synagogue services were special events, but this past week was back to "normal," which meant we were able to see what the place is really like on a typical Shabbat.  It was very nice and inspiring, and we met several very lovely couples with whom we hope to form a special bond with.

We haven't ventured off after our last visit to the Savannah River.  Today is Mother's Day (thank you, dear children, for remembering me!) but we spent the day doing our regular Sunday stuff -- shopping, Mitch puttering around fixing things, laundry, cooking, cleaning.  The highlight of today was that while we were going to one store, we saw a sign for an Asian market.  We've been wanting to buy sushi nori (roasted seaweed) and miso paste for quite a while but haven't been in an area that sells it (kind of like finding kosher meat).  So it was awesome to stumble upon this place.  I enjoyed using the nori as my "bread" for lunch (and it's a great snack food as well, with zero calories and 1 carb) and I'm looking forward to this Shabbat's soup: tofu miso.

Our "garden" is also growing very nicely.  We needed to stop at a garden center (Home Depot) for another pot to replant the zucchini (in retrospect, that wasn't a very good choice for planting as it is going to take up way too much space!).  I see buds forming on the pepper plant and there are already cherry tomatoes formed (still green but may be ready this week)!  I'm so excited!  Don't know why it took us 4 years to do this (of course, when we're ready to move again, it's anyone's guess where we're going to put these pots.  Hopefully they will fit in the shower.  But that's a worry for another time).

The temperatures for the last few days (mid-May) have been in the mid 90's so we're very grateful that the a/c is working!  I suspect this will be a very brutal summer (wasn't it just  a few weeks ago that I was complaining about the freezing cold?)

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Down by the River - Day 1419 (Year 4, Day 325)

Augusta, GA

Yesterday was a lovely, albeit somewhat warm day (it should be noted that we have had absolutely no rain since the day we landed here on 4/22.  Not that I'm complaining...!).  Mitch had morning training and was free in the afternoon.  My workload was extremely light, so we decided to do something special rather than wait until Sunday.  We went on a riverboat tour.  Very glad we did, as it would have been very difficult to find parking in the very small lot, and the boat & river would have been much more crowded.

With the exception of the Masters golf tournament, the Savannah River is pretty much the only other attraction in the area (the river is about 10 miles from our campground).  The middle of the river is the dividing line between GA and SC.  There is a huge park that borders the river, called the RiverWalk, featuring sculptures, a playground, and an amphitheater among other things.  At one end is a marina, which is where the boat tour begins.  It reminded me very much of the Missouri River bordering Louisville, KY and Clarksville, IN and Austin Lake in Austin, TX.

We passed some very beautiful mansions and were told that many high profile celebrities own homes there which they visit during the Masters (as well as hold huge parties, which can be seen during the sunset boat tours).  Photos of the river and some homes follow.

What I found rather interesting, and somewhat shocking (to this "Yankee") was the history lesson we got from the captain, which was extremely anti-Union (among many other things, citing that General Sherman was a terrorist, that the "War of Northern Aggression" was NOT about slavery, and that President Lincoln was the enemy of the people).  I'm very certain that this is how American history is taught in the South, just as our extremely anti-Confederacy viewpoints are taught in the North.  No wonder we have such a great divide in this country.  Although we are all Americans, we have such diverse backgrounds and cultures.  What I enjoy about this lifestyle is learning about all our differences and coming to be aware that what I've been taught is only one of many viewpoints.  Sadly, however, there are too many people in this nation who don't or can't respect differences and see them as a threat.  Granted, it takes a lot of effort to see things this way.  I confess when I heard some of what the captain was saying, I immediately thought it was nonsense and revisionist history (which he says is what the Yankees teach).  It would have been very easy to call him out on it rather than respect that these were his sincere beliefs and what he was raised on and taught, just as I was raised on and taught the opposite point of view. 

Anyway, getting off the soap box, and apologies for the political digression.   Here are the photos of the river: